About Me

Hello! My name is Jonah Spear and I’m currently a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering.

If you haven’t heard of it, Olin is a brand-spanking new engineering college, founded with the goal of transforming engineering education. Olin has pioneered the method of “project-based learning” where students learn concepts by doing significant group projects. In addition to that, Olin has only around 350 students and 3 majors, all of them Engineering.

I guess something must be working, as Olin consistently ranks among the top engineering colleges in the US (this year we were #3 for colleges that didn’t offer graduate programs)  For me, Olin is the perfect school; I’ve made an air cannon that shoots pufferfish for 4th graders, a moving sculpture that looks like a butterfly flapping it’s wings, a simulation to determine the best place to put the cue ball when breaking in pool, and I’m only in my second year!

As for myself, my interests include:

  • robots
  • autonomous vehicles
  • playing with legos
  • sustainability
  • self-driving cars
  • playing and listening to music
  • machine learning
  • thinking what will happen when the robot overlords take control
  • learning new programming languages
  • arguing about programming paradigms
  • and much more stuff that I probably can’t think of right now!

I love finding solutions to hard problems, learning new skills, and making peoples’ lives better. If you work at a place where you get to do these things, I’d love to hear from you!